About the Photographer

Mike Cherry

Photography provides me the chance to see God in all of His glory and the handiwork He has created for us all to see and enjoy. God created mankind to be the caretaker of the earth, for which we all have great responsibility and accountability. We have failed in our responsibilities as the one species responsible for the oversight of the others. In North America alone there are species that don't exist any longer that once did before our existence.

I hope that my photography and workshops will instill a responsibility to us all, to do what we can to protect our surroundings and provide a means for anyone that desires to see and enjoy God's magnificent handiwork. I want us all to have a better understanding of how to do our part to not interfere with the circle of life process that God enacted from the beginning. The result is that I want my photography to take others to spectacular vistas they might not otherwise witness and to arouse a passion and awareness for wildlife and nature that may not have existed before.

Mike's Camera Equipment

I use a Tachihara 4x5 wooden Field Camera, a Linhof 4x5 Technika 3000 Field Camera, and a Sinar P2 4x5 View Camera for specific large format fine art photography and a Sony A7R with Canon TS-E lenses to allow me to carry lighter but high quality equipment when backpacking, as well as Nikon D800 and a Canon EOS 5DS digital SLR for digital photography. With large format cameras one can create images of incredible detail and sharpness that make you feel when you view them as if you have been swept away to to the place where the image was captured with incredible depth of field. The more modern digital cameras can likewise capture spectacular, inspiring, high quality images, almost comparable in resolution.